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The title of this blog, "I'm About to do My Thing," was inspired by Jill Scott's introduction to her poem "The Thickness" from her live album Experience: Jill Scott 826+. In this intro, she warns that the content to follow is "real" and proceeds to deliver a beautiful message about self-esteem in young black girls, what can influence and damage that self-esteem, and the entire village's responsibility--"it takes a village"--to elevate its children.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Resources for the Ladies Considering Going Natural

I've been having so much fun this past week looking for a new product/technique that will increase my hair's moisture. (Thanks for the new products, Heather! I'm especially looking forward to trying the Frederic Fekkai conditioner!) In the process of researching, I've come across a number of very helpful blogs (like Knapsgirl.com) and YouTube videos with great product reviews and tips. You might find some of these useful too!

One helpful source has been The SistahChick, who has her own blog and YouTube channel. Lots of women have already been inspired by her lively, positive personality. She's part of what some people are calling a "Natural Hair Movement." As you read and surf more and more, you'll see that there's a lot of passion out there--and lots of willingness to share information. It's great!

There's even a growing community dedicated to nurturing children's natural hair. The SistahChick has featured her own daughter, the Little Chick, on her blog and channel to demonstrate all kinds of styles and techniques on her daughter's head of thick, beautiful hair. Another great site is Our Natural Kids, whose mission is "to share ideas & resources while promoting healthy hair care and maintenance for children with kinky, curly, nappy or multi textured hair."

If you're thinking about going natural, there's so much to consider, but I think it's good to see the possibilities of what you can do with it once you make the transition. So many resources are out there, with the express purpose of helping a sister out. ;-) Good luck as you weigh your options, but know that there's lots of help.

So the first new product I'm trying, before I try the Frederic Fekkai shea butter conditioner, will be Kinky-Curly's Knot Today leave-in conditioner and detangler. There's been a lot of conversation about this Kiny-Curly product, sometimes in conjunction with KC's Curling Custard (which I may not try...it's more expensive than the Knot Today). We'll see how it goes!


  1. I'm intrigued! I hope this doesn't go over like a lead balloon, but I have to say that as a white girl with super frizzy, dry, bizzaro hair, I'm a little bit jealous that we're not seeing a similar movement for natural hair in white women. I was actually once told by a white hair dresser (when I was younger...around 14 or so) that my hair reminded her a lot of a black woman's natural hair. She recommended hair mayonnaise and products similar to it, which actually did do the trick for a little while...until my scalp rebelled. (I think in my adulthood I'm learning that I have extremely thirsty, dry hair, but I also have a sensitive, not-so-thirsty scalp. It's difficult to find a product that will offer enough moisture for my hair but not over-moisturize my scalp.)

    I'm extremely curious about Frederic Fekkai's products (but they're a little out of my price range), and I'm even more curious about Kinky-Curly...I've never heard of them before. Please let me know what you think. I'm always pretty adventurous when it comes to trying out hair care products. My goal is not to straighten out my curls but to just moisturize my hair enough so that my curls look pretty and not frazzled.

  2. Oh, and I meant to add (in regards to the lack of a natural hair movement for white women) that we curly-headed white women are also encouraged to go for a straightener if we're complaining of frizzy problems. In fact, most hair dressers I've visited in the past would just automatically straighten my hair after a haircut because they assumed that's what I wanted. And, sure, I do think my hair is pretty after it's been styled to death, but I'm a curly-headed woman. I want to embrace that, but I don't have a great deal of confidence about my hair as it is right now.

  3. A.Hab, I actually thought of you the other day! I got Knot Today from Peachtree (have you been? It's on Frederick Rd. by Momma G's) and you know what? When asking for products, a white female clerk with thick red hair (sound familiar? Lol) said she uses the Kinky-Curly Curling Custard! I was so shocked. Her hair was straightened at the time, but she said it's natually curly and the Curling Custard worked well for her.

    Maybe you wanna check it out, although it is a bit pricey. The Knot Today was $11.99 for 8 oz, and I think the Curling Custard is $17.99 or somewhere close to that. I don't remember how many oz, you can read about them both at www.kinky-curly.com.

    That's so interesting about your thirsty hair but not-so-thirsty scalp! I've never heard of anything like that before. I have no idea what you'd do in a situation like that. Have you found that you can't keep your hair as moisturized as you'd like b/c your scalp can't take it? I personally love your thick curly hair. I think it's beautiful. :-)

  4. Aw, thanks so much Mo! :) I really appreciate all the help, too. I'll definitely check it out. I'm currently trying out BioSilk leave-in conditioner, which I got from Kroger for $17. So far I like it because it uses silk extracts to sort of bond to the hair, and it's also a good lotion for the skin, which can help the scalp, too. I do find the balancing act tricky between moisture for my hair and scalp. Maybe one day I'll figure it out.

  5. Great post and that's wonderful that there are good products and information out there and that women are sharing it! Your natural hair is beautiful, so I hope you find a product that makes you happy! :D - AMo

  6. Awww, thanks AMo! I'm feeling adventurous. :-)

  7. u should also research on curlynikki blog too. i just completed my first year as a natural and i can give u a list of products that can provide moisture. trust me i know cuz i've invested some gooood money into these product lines, lol.

    my blog is kandidkoilz

  8. Hey sis! Thank you so much for the mention in this post. My daughter and I are having so much fun sharing our Hair Journeys. Its folk like you and your super kind words and posts that motivate us. Thanks Again. Peace. :-)

  9. Kisha, thanks for the info! I've recently been using Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In, which has really added moisture to my hair and definition to my curls. I'm looking forward to checking out curlynikki and kandidkoilz though!

    Sistah Chick, don't mention it! I've been trying a variation of your hair-stretching technique that has been working wonderfully. Thank you! :-)